VMware Weekend Batches at Koenig!

Lately, we have been talking about the differences at Koenig. We are again up with something similar.

Looking to increase the convenience for all its students, Koenig is ready with another innovation. Though we have been offering various certification options in VMware, an in-demand technology, for a long time now; there is some newness to it. Apart from the full-time regular batches, Koenig is now providing a choice to enroll in the weekend sessions.

This is a great step that brings ease for people who find it tough to take out time for training during weekdays. Weekend batches allow you to study and work at the same time, thereby leading to a no-loss situation. By becoming more proficient, you get a chance to implement the learnt skills instantly on-the-job. Students can also experience situations in live scenarios and clear doubts with trainers on a real-time basis.

We also recommend you to learn with Koenig because of our highly-skilled pool of more than 170 trainers who are perfect in downloading the appropriate content to students. As we are a certified training partner of VMware, there is completely certainty of superior quality VMware training sessions.

By now, the significance of Virtualization technology in the IT market is known to all. This is an indispensable expertise as it enables the creation of virtual versions for things like hardware platform, operating system, storage device, network resources etc. Virtualization facilitates the running of several operating systems on a single CPU.

VMware is a part of the Virtualization category. It provides great career options though its various courses, such as VCP4, VCP5, vSphere: Troubleshooting, VCAP: Datacenter Administration, VMware vSphere: What’s New [V5], Desktop Virtualization – VCP4-DT and Spring 3.0. The domain has opportunities mounting for designations like Technical Consultants, Virtualization Architects, Systems Administrator and Virtualization Engineers.

Virtualization in itself has various advantages. As it is independent of physical hardware, it enables easier moving and copying. It allows easy management, provides the ability to support legacy applications and facilitates the consolidation of servers. Virtualization enables service or application isolation, as well as simplifies server deployment. With so many pros at hand, it is by far judicious for you to pursue VMware certifications!

Wondering, what’s more at Koenig? Wait for our next blog!

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