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We hope all of you have registered for the free Project Management Webinar that is being conducted on 16th June 2012. If not, you can still do it.

As part of our day to day operations, we introduce features and benefits to provide you with the most lucrative deals. Understanding that knowledge and education is everyone’s right, Koenig has made IT certifications extremely affordable. We aim to create a difference in the domain of information technology education by making it accessible for the masses.

Koenig Solutions was setup with the vision of offering certification to students all over the world, especially to those who are staying in countries where training is very expensive or not available. Being world’s #1 offshore IT training service provider, we specialize in a wide range of certifications. Our solutions include live scenario-based training, in addition to arrangements for accommodation, meals and transport. Students from across the globe visit our centres in India and abroad for high level technical training throughout the year.

Other than offsite training, Koenig provides the choice to opt for ‘Fly me a Trainer‘ program. Under this provision, students and corporations get the flexibility to go for onsite training. For some reason if you cannot attend training at a distant location, you can always request for onsite training. Asking for a trainer to conduct training at your desirable location is also affordable at Koenig.

We make arrangements for instructors to reach the required venue of training and take care of all arrangements. This becomes possible as we maintain a pool of more than 170 trainers who are qualified in their respect IT fields. The ‘Fly me a Trainer’ program is available for both 1-on-1 sessions and group batches. As a matter of experience, Koenig has conducted training all over the world for leading Fortune 500 companies, governments, embassies and UN organizations.

In order to ensure success, Koenig additionally provides services for Training Need Analysis. We can send our Training Manager to your city to conduct the training need identification of your group and accordingly plan a schedule for you. If required, course customization is also facilitated as per requirements. Respective trainers are sent a day earlier to the venue so that he / she can assist you in the classroom set-up.

Apart from this, if needed Koenig makes available the required hardware on request in order to make training sessions flawless and effective. Though we assure that training sessions conducted by us lead to great returns, however post the course evaluation we also provide assistance to calculate return on investment (ROI) from the training. In addition, Koenig offers online Cisco rack access for Cisco training.

Needless to say, we provide onsite training on all popular technologies of Microsoft, .Net, Cisco, Oracle, VMware, SharePoint, Red Hat, Adobe, Check Point, Novell, CompTIA, EC-Council, LPI and CWNP. So when there are so many options at hand, why go anywhere else? Not just this, Koenig also offers the latest distance learning programme, which has exemplary benefits that we’ll talk about in our next blog. So.. stay tuned!

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About Koenig Solutions

Koenig Solutions is a leading IT Specialist Certification Training Organization. It's an authorized training partner of Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, Autodesk, VMware, Red Hat, Novell, EC-Council, Adobe, Checkpoint, PRINCE2, Zend, EMC, Citrix, Android, Symantec, Linux Professional Institute and CompTIA. It is also an authorized center for conducting tests for Prometric, VUE and Novell. Its student base comes from over 50 countries across the world and it serves major Fortune 500 companies and various Government Organizations, too.
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