Some Exclusive Benefits of Studying with Koenig Solutions!

Being the world’s #1 IT training service provider, Koenig Solutions strives to offer even better services each day. Keeping abreast with industry-level standards helps us provide latest offerings to students all over the world. After having discussed about our certifications in terms of in-demand technologies, we are up with some more informational content and exclusive services by Koenig.

After being aware of our basic services, let us now steal a glance at our over-the-cake services that make learning fruitful and easier.

Corporate Pack

In the current world scenario, not just individuals invest in uplifting their careers, but corporations also nominate staff for next-level trainings. It thus becomes imperative to ensure ease for such organizations. Koenig features an exclusive corporate pack that offers various benefits and conveniences to companies.

Other than arranging for a single invoice for corporate customers, Koenig offers an extra stay of up to 2 days at a Koenig-owned accommodation. This offer can be availed before or after the completion of training. If required, students are also allowed to retake on additional exam in case of failure in the first. On arrival, corporate clients additionally get cash of INR 2000 in their welcome kit for miscellaneous expenses.

We aim to make your trip to India extremely memorable and so also organize a day trip to Taj Mahal in luxury coach. Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world, is known for its splendid beauty and fine carvings. Tourists from all around the world are desperate to catch a sight of this magnificent tomb.

Apart from these, Koenig arranges for mobile phones, SIM cards and laptops on rent. Though we wish that you stay fit always, however for required situations the corporate pack also includes free consultation with general physician. A Koenig T-shirt and cap on your departure is another small present to let you take back a sense of belongingness.

Exam Insurance

As far as the exam pass percentage is concerned, Koenig maintains a remarkable record by being above 90% most of the times. However if you do not attain success in the first attempt, there is a resolution. Under the Exam Insurance scheme, you pay a nominal amount in addition to the boot camp fee and Koenig pays for your second take in case you fail the first.

Simulated Internship™

It is not just our aim to certify you but also to give you hands-on experience so that there is understanding of concepts for real life implementation. With Simulated Internship™, students get more confidence when they revise all the topics and gain better understanding in applying the knowledge.

Customized Training

If you wish to upgrade your skills in the IT sector and have a specific requirement, Koenig has a solution for you. Other than regular certifications, we customize courses to suit the needs of students and help them learn what they want and how they want. Candidates can also choose their course pace from our three offerings – Regular Track, Fast Track and Super Fast Track. This enables you to manage your time more effectively.

We hope that it looks like judicious to learn with Koenig and experience the difference for what we call as the ‘Best of All’!

So till the time you decide about your next certification, we’ll work on to get back to you with more useful updates.

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Koenig Solutions is a leading IT Specialist Certification Training Organization. It's an authorized training partner of Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, Autodesk, VMware, Red Hat, Novell, EC-Council, Adobe, Checkpoint, PRINCE2, Zend, EMC, Citrix, Android, Symantec, Linux Professional Institute and CompTIA. It is also an authorized center for conducting tests for Prometric, VUE and Novell. Its student base comes from over 50 countries across the world and it serves major Fortune 500 companies and various Government Organizations, too.
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