Koenig’s New Offering: Crystal Reports XI Training Boot Camp!

After having informed you about our recent initiative, we are all set to talk business once again! It’s time to discuss about Koenig’s next set of course launches. First one on the list is ‘Crystal Reports XI Training‘.

Like last time, we have decided to dedicate one post each to our range of course launches. This shall give you detailed information about the certifications you are interested in.

What you learn?

Crystal Reports XI is one of the most recent courses launched by Koenig Solutions. With this certification, candidates gain knowledge about working with databases. They become proficient in analyzing and interpreting important information. Crystal Reports enable users to create simple reports. It also has comprehensive tools that let you produce complex or specialized reports.

Course Content

Talking about specific contents, the training will start with an introduction to Crystal Reports. Participants will learn how to add text to reports, filter data, use formulas and formatting techniques. The curriculum also includes sorting and grouping, addition of graphics to crystal reports, and creation of charts and sub reports.

Other than this, the training makes you proficient in creating parametrized reports, inserting summary, and creating cross tab object and Crystal Report templates.

About Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports was originally developed as Quick Reports by Crystal Services Inc. The company went through several acquisitions. The latest possession was done by SAP in 2007 from Business Objects. Version 14 of Crystal Reports was released on May 3, 2011. Crystal Reports became a popular report writer when Microsoft bundled it with Visual Studio versions 2003 through 2008. While Microsoft has developed its own reporting tool now,  Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 is still available as add-on software.

Training and Package Details

This is a 4-day training that will be offered on a Regular track. Students can opt to study the course in any of Koenig’s 4 locations – Delhi, Goa, Shimla and Dehradun. Batches for the certification are scheduled for every month, which means you can enroll at a time that suits you best.

Koenig offers certifications in packaged forms. Prices for the same include pre-course technical evaluation, baseline training, practical teaching and in-house testing. For available exams, it also includes self-test software from MeasureUp.com. Students get access to free Wi-Fi Internet in the training centre, as well as hospitality desk support for renting and buying mobile phones and laptops.

Other than this, the package includes three months after-course usability reinforcement. This means an opportunity to clear your doubts up till 3 months from your course completion date. Candidates additionally get the option to avail accommodation, meals and transport facility.

Hope this is all the information you need for the above certification. To know more about courses and related prices, kindly write to info@koenig-solutions.com and we will be happy to assist you. We will be up with the next post soon.

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