Corporate Social Responsibility By Koenig Solutions!

Growing a business may be easy; however sustaining it successfully often becomes tough. There will be always some great leaders in an organization who are brilliant in continuing and progressing businesses. The study of management and past experience lets them do so. Intellect obviously plays a vital role in helping them achieve such success. Team work too plays an indispensable role as it binds the company together to go further.

Seems like we have all the keys to a successful business? Or is there something missing?

Yes, there is – something that we call as Corporate Social Responsibility. As the name suggests, it is step towards helping the society to grow or for that matter, survive. But you would not find every business taking up initiatives in this direction. As an accountable member of the society, Koenig Solutions doesn’t turn its back to such activities.

Apart from our day to day business operations and expansions, we keep a close look and high focus on our social responsibilities. Koenig owns 4 school projects in West Delhi area. We have taken up the education of underprivileged children of class 8 and 9. Other than facilitating their studies free of cost, Koenig distributes books to these students without any charge.

A vocational training project is our another step towards this duty. Every two months we offer job-oriented computer courses to unemployed youth. This helps candidates to get jobs and live a life where they become economically independent. While giving clothes or shelter to such people may help them for a day or two; however Koenig believes in social upliftment through education. This is because such an initiative will let them stand on their own for their complete lives and take the nation further with their valuable contribution.

Our vocational training project has been highly appreciated in the society and even earned us accolades with an important one being – Winner of Microsoft Citizenship Partner of the Year Award for 2009. Another vital contribution from our end has been the Blood Donation Camp that received enthusiastic response from Koenig-ites. More than 30 employees from our corporate office donated blood and helped us accomplish yet another great social cause.

One of our unique works, the is a remarkable contribution for the society at large. It is a database that maintains details of honest and competent service providers in the community. This website is free of charge and is funded by Koenig’s Corporate Social Responsibility department. Data in the website increases with the help of common people, Koenig students etc who recommend honest, reliable and competent service providers.

Categories included are cab, utility repairs, plumbing, insurance, electronics, grocery, mobile/automobile repair etc. This step helps businesses to expand and lets customers get quality services at reasonable rates. The website holds data for four locations, Delhi, Shimla, Goa and Dehradun.

Koenig’s quest to excellence flows with two aspects, honest services to customers and continuous efforts for the social upliftment of the community. Our belief in honesty is also critical because it leads to business success too. Only honest services can create satisfied clients that in turn lead to a successful business. We additionally drive honesty through Koenig Ethos, which is a set of 13 philosophical principles followed by all employees of Koenig Solutions.

We are sure that this was some good lot of information. We will soon come up with more factual blogs with next one being about the work-life at Koeing.

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