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Our daily conversations very often introduce us to the phrase ‘shortage of time’. Time is a big factor, in fact the most crucial sometimes in our routine lives. ‘If I had more time, I would have ……….’, this thought revolves in our mind multiple times. All of us explore better ways of time management so that in the same 24 hours of a day, we can be more productive. And of course, that should be the case as world-wide competition demands the same.

At Koenig, we understand the value of time, money, convenience and everything else that matters to our students. There are many professionals these days who are kept aloof of certifications due to time and travel constraints. Realizing this hurdle and with the continuous aim of serving you better, we give you a great way of saving time and yet getting certified.

Other than the onsite training option, Koenig’s Distance Learning Program makes this possible. It is a unique way of learning without actually traveling to the classroom and yet getting the experience of it. Getting trained online is gaining huge significance all over the world as it allows you to be where you are and save on valuable time. With Koenig Distance Learning, students enter into a live interaction class with their instructor. We use the Cisco Webex video conferencing technology to make this happen.

Except physical presence, everything remains the same. You still get to clear doubts and attend practical sessions. Most appropriate for advanced learners, this method of training is a boon to those who cannot spare time for actual classroom training. An added advantage of this technique is that you get to study via 1-on-1 methodology, which means you get undivided attention of the trainer. Another great benefit is the Any Date™ feature that lets you study from a date of your choice.

Koenig provides various IT Trainings & certification choices via the distance learning mode. There are 11 broad categories with various course options available for students. These include Microsoft, Microsoft Dynamics, Linux / Unix, Java Technology, CompTIA, EC-Council, Project Management, ITIL, Web Design/Development, (ISC)2 and Cisco. We will also talk about the top 5 IT skills in demand in our next blog.

The distance learning style is backed with several pros. Just because training is happening from a distant location, it does not mean that the quality of training will not be maintained. Our team of highly qualified trainers ensures that you understand all explained concepts and come up for doubts. Regular and interim feedback sessions are also conducted to ensure transparency and find out pain areas. We go well in terms of our endeavor to improvise on weak areas and make our programmes flawless to give you the best experience ever.

Distance learning option comes with its own merits. While this method was earlier not preferred with a view less effectiveness, however the world today has highly recognized it. All gaps in terms of practical sessions, hands on experience, interactivity have been successfully abolished.  Hence a lot of schools and similarly, lot of professionals are opting for this learning mode owing to its several advantages.

And when it comes to Information Technology, Koenig Solutions is a leader in the industry. With a rich experience of close to 19 years, we promise you a smooth and memorable educational journey.

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About Koenig Solutions

Koenig Solutions is a leading IT Specialist Certification Training Organization. It's an authorized training partner of Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, Autodesk, VMware, Red Hat, Novell, EC-Council, Adobe, Checkpoint, PRINCE2, Zend, EMC, Citrix, Android, Symantec, Linux Professional Institute and CompTIA. It is also an authorized center for conducting tests for Prometric, VUE and Novell. Its student base comes from over 50 countries across the world and it serves major Fortune 500 companies and various Government Organizations, too.
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