KOENIG offers free session on “Overview of OpenStack & Cloud”

With increasing demand of cloud computing that allows availing resources as services, the concept of IaaS has been very popular and most sought. IaaS or Infrastructure-as-a-Service allows organizations to access only selected services that are actually required and not the complete software. OpenStack facilitates users to enable this outta-sightsolution.

The solution endeavors to provide open source scalable and reliable architecture thereby motivating organizations to come forward for IaaS solutions to access the cloud resources. To throw more light on the same, Koenig solutions has planned to conduct a free webinar titled “Overview of OpenStack & Cloud” on 08th October 2015, from 2:30 p.m.- 3:30 p.m.

Interested participants can register here.


The agenda of webinar is to take the audience through complete introduction of cloud computing and lastly covering the componentsof OpenStack. The following would be the feature highlights of the webinar:

  • Introduction to Cloud
  • Overview of different type of cloud
  • Introduction to OpenStack
  • Overview of OpenStack components


Presenter Profile

Webinar will be hosted by our Linux domain expert Mr. Vishvendra Singh who withholds 6+ years of experience in IT industry. Presently associated with Koenig Solutions as Iconic Corporate Trainer for Linux Administration, Vishvendra has mastered RHCSA, RHCE, Cluster Technologies, Red Hat Directory Services, OpenLDAP, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Network Security and Services, Red Hat Virtualization, Automation & Deployment), Ubuntu Administration, CompTIA Storage+, CompTIA Cloud Essentials, Openstack Cloud, CompTIA Linux+, LPIC-1, LPIC-2, Bash Scripting, OCA, OCP, ZFS Administration, Solaris Volume Manager Administration, Solaris Zones Administration, etc. He is also certified RHCT, RHCE, RHCVA, RHCSA and MCP. His esteemed onsite projects include Indian Air Force, ONGC, Capgemini, CMC, Expedia, Cognizant etc.

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Mobile Application Development Training – Rewarding and Very Interesting

Mobile applications are the talks of the present day IT world, expertise in it would make you a special resource.

Careers with JAVA Development Certification

Mobile Application Development Training – Rewarding and Very Interesting

The industry has already come to terms with Java as a highly secured technology platform. Not surprisingly, programming with Java is the most preferred option when building secured software solutions and applications. Mobile development and mobile applications’ creation would fall into this category. Incidentally, the mobile development training platforms are becoming more evident and inevitable because of the industrial demand as well as the scope of finding premium career opportunities. Mobile application development training can help you to fair well with the Java developer certification.

To learn the intricacies and the finer aspects of mobile technology and application development is very interesting apart from being rewarding with successful careers. If you are aspiring to become a Java developer, it is good for you to learn the basics of programming and understand the differences of various platforms like PHP and .Net programming. This will help you to compare and learn how different technology platforms provider various programming solutions, depending upon the security concepts they adopt as well.

Consider training from a reputed IT training solutions provider who has a dedicated team for Java development and mobile application development training. Do not opt for training centers that offer Java as a part of the general programming syllabus as you cannot get the required depth from such programs. Be informed that Java training is one of the most complex processes, and people opt for it because of the rewarding future prospects. The opportunities for core Java developers are also limited, but the roles meant for them are very challenging and the remuneration is the best in the industry among other programmers.

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NetApp Certification Course to Facilitate Data Management

The industrial scenario pertaining to IT enterprise services is about giving opportunities and helping right candidates to find jobs. Taking the viewpoint of the corporate houses is interesting too.

NetApp Certification Course to Facilitate Data Management

IT Training from an Enterprise Point of View

Training solutions like NetApp NCDA training and NetApp certification courses are coming into the limelight and relevance mostly because of the industrial requirements. Today, we have the scenario of companies hiring resources with basic knowledge and understanding about IT systems and processes. They would then put them to train and prepare them to handle their company requirements. Taking the case of NetApp training course which is about data administration or data resource management, gradually there is a new industry being conceptualized, of course backed by the demand.

Just as much as a career aspirant prepares himself or herself with better training and certifications, the IT enterprises are also in need to get the right mix of talents and resources. Because of these growing demands, they are recruiting the training experts to handle induction programs and specialized training sessions. They focus on hands on training and process specific methodology to benefit from every effort they take to equip their teams.

This model of in-house training works better for programs like NetApp data resource management training. They are basic and also very essential because of the sensitivity involved with handling any data component. Considering this scenario, if you are smart to plan out your own career prospects, you can easily prepare well in advance by taking up these trainings at an IT training solutions center.

You can refer to online resources as well as e – learning solutions offered by NetApp authorized training companies. You can also find your personal coach, which can help you to enhance your capabilities in this specialized area.

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Cloud Applications Management and Development Training Part of the New IT Trends

The way and the pace at which the IT industry is moving ahead with time, responding to new trends and developments, every technology has its own space.

Cloud Applications Management and Development Training Part of the New IT Trends

IT Training for Essentials will have Better Value

The present scenario in IT field is that, there is no restriction for any aspiring career professional from entering into the industry. Even graduates from non IT educational background can prepare themselves by undergoing training for some essential technologies and make a beginning. People who have found gaps in their technology skills, knowledge and expertise can take up refresher programs and make up for the gaps. This is ideal in case of people who had to stay away from working because of certain personal commitments. CompTIA Security+ Certification is a classic example to explain this scenario.

In the past, there used to be certification programs like A+ and N+ which were considered to be very basic and meant for beginners and non-IT graduates. This impression was created when these courses used to be compared with advanced programs like Linux training or IBM Testing courses. Today, when cloud computing and virtualization are making all the headlines, CAPM training and CompTIAcloud essentials training are viewed as basic programs. But, as it is already a well established fact that the IT industry is well segmented and classified, giving room for every certified professional, it is good to have some certification rather than not to have any.

If you are thinking about the value one of these certifications can offer, you can be rest assured about the job prospects. With the knowledge of essentials and the basics, you can explore more options and opportunities. Make sure that you are building your founding in IT learning right; you can master any program or technology. You just need to be focused and open to adapt.

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Go for Java SE 6 Certification for a Better Programming Career

If you are a programme developer by profession and have been looking for an added feather to your career cap which can help you to explore new horizons; then get yourself a Java SE 6 Certification. It is a certification that is industry recognized certification by Oracle Certified Professional and you will have to clarify the exam for Java SE 6 Programmer certification. If you have it on you to clear this exam and obtain a Java SE 6 Certification, then you will have proven your competence for basic syntax and Java programming structure. With this certification, no one will doubt your abilities to create Java based applications.

If you are planning to go for the exam, then make sure you know the following basic facts:

  • This exam consists of 60 multiple choice questions to be done within 150 minutes of time. This means you need to develop quick thinking ability without messing up the fundamentals of programming.
  • Though there are no necessary prerequisites for giving the exam but it is no to know that strong fundamental knowledge of programming always come handy in scoring high.
  • Once you become certified, you will remain certified for life! At least not unless Oracle changes its policy. So think of all the benefits you will enjoy for life that the certification will make available for you if you clear it.
  • The exam for Java SE 6 Certification will cost you about USD $245.

If you are looking for an institute that can provide you with Java SE 6 Certification course, then searching online will help locate a desired place for you. One such Institute is Koenig Solutions which can help you obtain this certification. They are also the providers of jquery bootcamp where by you can get training in HTML documents, Ajax interactions that will enhance the way you use Java Script. So don’t wait to increase your programming competence and just grab this certification with both your hands!

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