4 Reasons why Network Security Certifications are a must for a Successful IT Career


  1. Increasing importance of secure networks:

    We live in a day and age where network espionage and hacking are run-of-the-mill terms. Thus, enterprise network security becomes of utmost importance not just to safeguard essential data, but also to maintain brand value and integrity. There is a growing need for certified network security personnel and analysts to ensure protection of confidential enterprise data, and the requirement is not going to abate anytime soon.

  2. Top IT Trends for 2015

    According to a Forbes article that lists out the top 10 technology trends for 2015, technologies under the domain of Network security feature thrice. Cloud data security Training, Cisco network security certifications, and Network Switching and Routing courses are amongst the most popular IT Certifications for the coming year. For the foreseeable future, Information Security Professionals shall be in line for overwhelming demands.

  3. Pay-scale Upswing

    As reported by payscale.com the average hike in pay for a Cisco Certified Network Associate is 3 Lakh rupees p.a over a network analyst who doesn’t possess a certification. Salaries for certified network associates typically range between 6 Lakhs p.a – 13 Lakhs p.a, which increase exponentially as one goes forward in their careers.

  4. A Global Career

    Cisco Certified Network Analysts and security specialists enjoy lucrative careers that provide them with the opportunity to travel the world, as speakers, evangelists, or visiting professionals. The plethora of opportunities that open up once the certification is successfully completed are limitless.

Where do I get myself Certified?

Come to Koenig, one of the largest offshore IT Certification Training companies in the world. Koenig is an authorized training partner of Cisco, Microsoft, SAP, VMware, Oracle, Salesforce and many other technological conglomerates in the world, and provides highly pertinent and industry-oriented network security courses.
You can find all the network security courses that Koenig provides here:

Cisco Security: – http://www.koenig-solutions.com/cisco-security-courses.aspx

Juniper: – http://www.koenig-solutions.com/SearchCourse.aspx?domainname=Juniper&domain=55&currid=

Wireshark: – http://www.koenig-solutions.com/wireshark-certified-network-analyst.aspx

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4 Reasons for a Strong Development Career with Koenig’s Mobile Application Design Training

  1. The Most Trend-setting market in the world currently

According to a Survey by Forbes, the mobile applications market is the fastest growing market in the developing world, and owing to the fact that a regular user spends a minimum of 72 minutes per day on mobile apps, this technology enters 2015 as the number 1 trend with respect to popularity and usage.
A Google adwords survey also reveals that under the domain of Application Development jobs – Android, Apple, and web Technologies ranked at 1, 3, and 4 respectively, thereby showing the surge in demand for these technologies and job listings.

2.       Much Higher Pay Package

According to payscale.com Application Development Certified professionals in India generally start off with a pay package around 4 lakh p.a, which is a significantly higher amount than what their non-certified peers earn. This salary goes up to around 12 Lakh p.a within 5-6 years, becoming directly proportional to the experience garnered.
Mobile Application Development Trainers at Koenig have designed the following career path chart that showcases the trajectory which participants will undertake once they have secured the credentials that heralds them as certified Mobile Application Developers.

Mobile Application Development Career Path - Koenig

Mobile Application Development Career Path – Koenig

3. Better Hiring Potential

According to a recent report by Forbes, 8 out of 10 HR Executives prefer candidates holding Mobile Application Development certification for design and development jobs, in the domains of both Android and iOS applications.

Possessing these certifications also enable the participant to enter the industry at an elevated position than those who have not undergone these certification courses

4.       Acquiring Niche Skills

Successfully completing the Mobile Application Development Certification course ensures efficiency with each Operating System’s characteristics, and proven skills to develop applications for any platform. Additionally, cross-platform Application design is emerging as a skill to watch out for, since many platforms are now transferring their patented apps to free arenas.

Great! Where do I learn more about this?

Koenig Solutions provides top-notch Mobile Application development trainings and certifications for designing Android, Apple and even Cross Platform applications that go a long way to secure the participants’ careers in the arenas of design and development. Being the certified and authorized training partner of Microsoft, Cisco, SAP, VMware, Oracle, Android, Apple and many more technology conglomerates from all over the world, Koenig Solutions provides special emphasis to emerging technologies and offers a list of courses under the auspices of Mobile Application Development.

Check out all mobile app development courses offered by Koenig here:

Android – http://www.koenig-solutions.com/lp/android-training-course.aspx

iOS (Apple): http://www.koenig-solutions.com/lp/ios-application-development.aspx

Mobile Application Development: http://www.koenig-solutions.com/lp/phonegap-mobile-application.aspx

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5 Reasons for a Secure IT Career with MCSA Training @Koenig

1.     Worldwide Recognition

MCSA Certifications are among the most popular and sought-after certifications in the world owing to their level of specialization in 7 disciplines. An MCSA gains industry-wide recognition more than any other certified professional, thereby showcasing participants’ expertise in Microsoft products and technologies.

2.     Much Higher Pay Package

MCSA Certified professionals generally score a higher pay package than their non-certified peers, according to a recent research finding by Forbes. The median salary for Microsoft Certified Systems Associates is 12% more than their peers who do not possess certifications.

3.     Better Job Profiles and a higher potential for hiring.

According to a recent survey by Forbes, 9 out of 10 HR Executives, and 83% IT Managers prefer candidates holding MCSA credentials for Server administration jobs, over their peers who do not possess these certifications.

4.     Updating Skills

Successful completion of the MCSA Certification course ensures proficiency with each version of Microsoft’s servers, Windows servers, and various other technologies and platforms. Additionally, earning the tag of an MCSA certified professional also arms participants with the knowledge and the Launchpad to go ahead and procure additional certifications like the MCSE.

5.     Access to Microsoft Library

As a Microsoft certified Systems Associate one obtains access to abundant information residing in Microsoft. Additional perks include being able to make high profile connections with professionals and Microsoft teams the world over.

Benefits of MCSA Training @Koenig

  • Highly Specialized Training
    Gain valuable Microsoft expertise to help you build a strong foundation in the technology industry
  • Effective Communication Training
    Learn the art of effective communication and make a powerful impact on your audience with Koenig Communicare – Corporate Communication training
  • Simulated Internship Programs
    Participants will get an opportunity to solve real world problems through Simulated Internship programs designed by highly certified trainers.
  • Placement Assistance
    Get Placement Assistance from Koenig to help you make a launch in the corporate IT sector.
Koenig Bangalore Training classroom

Koenig Bangalore Training classroom

Learn more about the MCSA courses that Koenig offers under the Helios Program, here: http://www.koenig-india.com/helios-training-certification.aspx

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3 Reasons for a Booming IT Career with Java Certification

Almost every process – buying tickets to a cinema, reaching a destination, making reservations at a restaurant, or even communication via Social Media – runs on an app or has a dedicated application assigned to it. And behind every successful application, is invariably one development platform that everyone vouches for – Java.

Java Certification Benefits

Java Features and Functionalities

Java Certifications are hence, the most highly sought-after IT credentials, and can propel you and your career to the top echelons of the IT Industry. Here are the top reasons to get Java Certified:

  1.  Higher Pay Package

Java Certified professionals usually earn a higher pay package than their non-certified peers. Here are some stats from recent research that supports this trend. According to a recent Foote Partners report, the average pay package for Sun Certified Java Associates is 13.5% higher than their peers who do not possess certifications.


Salary Comparison of Java Certified and non Java certified professionals

Salary Comparison of Java Certified and non Java certified professionals

2. Better Job Profiles and a Higher potential for hiring.

According to a recent survey by CompTIA, if you are in the market for a new job, a Java certification can help you stand out from non-certified candidates.


Java Certification Hiring statistics

Java Certification Hiring statistics

And going by the latest trends, these advantages are sure to continue their influence on hiring for the foreseeable future.

3. The Most Coveted and Recognized Certifications

According to Official figures from SUN Oracle, over 500,000 Java certifications have been granted worldwide with about 30,000 Java Developers gaining advanced Java training certification annually.

Additionally, the Java Certification path designed by SUN Oracle aligns real-world functions and roles with the level of certification – Associate, Developer, Programmer, or Master – so the participants choose which arena to specialize in depending on their needs and interests.

Where do I get myself certified?

Koenig Solutions, is a leading IT Training and Certification organization, and is an accredited training partner of SUN Oracle, and many other Technological conglomerates including Microsoft, Cisco, EC-Council, VMware, Oracle, SAP, etc. Providing an array of niche and innovative Java Certifications, Koenig offers state-of-the-art training facilities, and a revolutionary Happiness Guaranteed Program. Come to Koenig! Satisfy your technical certification needs, and revel in the wonders of Incredible India.


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Know How MCSE Certifications Can Benefit IT Professionals

MCSE certifications can benefit IT professionals in more ways than one. Regardless of which career path you wish to to choose, a sound understanding of Microsoft’s technologies, with respective certifications to back up your expertise and knowledge, will help you gain an advantage vis-à-vis the non-certified individuals.

MCSE Specialization Training in Best Prices

MCSE Specialization Training

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE):

As compared to the previous Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer which was a specific job-role-focused, the Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) Certifications concentrate on the IT professional’s ability to design and devise technology solutions by integrating various Microsoft products either on cloud or on-premise. The solutions may also span numerous versions of a particular technology.

IT professionals seeking MCSE certifications need to have sound knowledge of Microsoft Windows NT O/S, related networking and desktop systems as well as various Microsoft back-office server technologies.

Presently, Microsoft offers the following MCSE specialization certifications can make a great career:

  • MCSE Desktop Infrastructure
  • MCSE Private Cloud
  • MCSE Data Platform
  • MCSE Business Intelligence
  • MCSE Messaging
  • MCSE Communications
  • MCSE SharePoint

MCSE exams can be prepared for through online resources supplied by Microsoft, online tutorials as well as training and boot camps provided by various Microsoft authorized training companies.

Have queries with respect to MCSE certifications or need more information on MCSE trainings and boot camps? Post them below and we’ll get back with help or simply visit us at www.koenig-solutions.com for more information.
MCSE Server Infrastructure

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