Software. Middleware. Hardware. Oracle Advancements Cover All Tiers of IT Architecture

Oracle – the name itself inspires awe. Since 1977, Oracle has been redefining the domain of database management, whether it be through revolutionary software development or via backend administration techniques that are still considered the benchmark in the IT World.

In the subsequent four decades, Oracle has branched out and has made its mark in various other domains. Broadly classified into the fields of Software, Middleware, and Hardware, Oracle’s Products and Services have carved a niche for themselves, and are the most widely used entities in the World of Technology as of Date.

Latest Oracle Products and Services:

  1. Software:
  • Database:
    • Release 12c.
      For almost 6 years, Oracle 11g was the World’s most preferred database service. In July 2013, Oracle released the latest version of its popular database software (12c), where the “c” stands for Cloud.
      12c has all the features of 11g and additionally provides cloud compatibility, secure and customizable access, safe warehousing, and robust administration.
  1. 2.       Middleware:
  • Oracle Fusion Middleware: Since 2011, Oracle Fusion Middleware (or, OFM, as it is fondly referred to) has been belting out software and programs that provide Integrations and Process Management, Application Development, Business Intelligence, Systems, Content and Identity management.
    Fusing together with database servers from Oracle, Middleware products and services serve a variety of functions (like troubleshooting, diagnostics, administration and application development) through WebLogic Server and SOA Suite.

3. Hardware:

  • Engineered Systems: Pre-engineered and assembled bundles of hardware that come with inbuilt software for easier use by enterprise organizations.
    • EXADATA DB MACHINE: Used for integrated storage of software with state-of-the-art Hardware.
    • BIG DATA Appliance:Designed for integration of enterprise data, unstructured and structured, and consists of Oracle Software and Hardware. Includes the Exadata DB Machine and Oracle Exalytics BI Machine, and is used to obtain, consolidate and load data into Oracle 11g Database.

Great! Where can I learn more about this?

Koenig Solutions, the leading IT Training Company in the world, is an Oracle Approved Education Center and offers the latest, the most pertinent and certified Oracle Training courses requisite to succeed in today’s world. Learn more about the courses that Koenig offers, here:

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Koenig Solutions Announces a Free Webinar on: Junos SRX configuration and Implementation – PART 1

Koenig Solutions, the number one offshore IT training company, is scheduling a free of cost interactive webinar on this topic. Subject matter expert from the industry will speak on the topic, titled: Junos SRX configuration and Implementation- PART 1. Interested candidates can register here.

The webinar will be held on your computer screen on:

Date and Time of the event will be- 27th Nov 2014 9:30am to 11:30am GMT (3pm to 5pm IST)

About Junos SRX configuration and Implementation- PART 1

This free interactive webinar will discuss about some basic implementation on Juniper SRX Boxes. This webinar will emphasize on the command line structure, Zone and Policy configuration. Emphasis will also be given to the different User Authentication methods available in SRX.


Topics to be covered:

1. Junos SRX -CLI Modes
2. Zone Configuration
3. Policy Implementation
4. User Authentication

Presenter Profile

This webinar will be conducted by Mr. Yogesh Sharma, who is a certified professional on various security products and has been delivering training for more than 9 years on a number of technologies, to name a few: Check Point, Juniper, Fortinet, Palo Alto and SonicWALL.

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Get Certified as SAP Development Associate – ABAP

The SAP Certified Development Associate – ABAP carries the essential knowledge base that is required towards the ABAP development. Those who obtain this certification show that they are fully adept at understanding the various nuances of ABAP development and are also highly capable at putting these skills into practical application under the proper guidance of a project manager.

Those who wish to prepare for this certification must remember to complement their education courses with hands-on experience as this will greatly help in preparing for the exam.

SAP Certified Development Associate Training

SAP Certification Training

The following are the various course topics covered under this certification.

  1. ABAP Dictionary
  2. ABAP Programming
  3. ABAP Objects
  4. SQL Statements
  5. Modifications and Enhancements
  6. Internal Tables
  7. Classical User Interfaces
  8. Data Types
  9. Data Objects
  10. Web Dynpro for ABAP
  11. ABAP Tools

During the exam, candidates are not allowed to refer to any supplementary materials – neither online documentations nor any SAP systems.

Attending bootcamps and training sessions can greatly aid in passing these associate grade exams and SAP Education offers a number of training options for those who are interested. These options generally comprise of e-learning modules, classroom trainings, and many more. Of course knowing the syllabus and attempting sample questions is another great way of preparing for the exam.

There are many other certifications under SAP as well. For example, there is SAP Certified Application Associate - Management Accounting (CO) with SAP ERP 6.0 EhP6 certification. There is also Development Associate – SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.01. Hence, whatever certification one may want to choose, it’s important to combine both education course modules with first-hand experience.

Do you have any questions? Add them below in the comment box.

12. SAP NetWeaver Overview


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Features of Oracle Database 11g

The Oracle Database 11g boasts of a variety of features that aim at making jobs simpler for people. Not only this, it has also been seen to streamline time consuming operations into a single line operation. Those who wish to become certified database administrators can get themselves enrolled in Oracle Database 11g DBA training and learn the knowledge and skills required to install, configure and manage the database. And once this learning has been internalized, the administrators can go on to specialize in advanced areas of their choosing.

Oracle Database 11g Training

Oracle Database 11g Training

Let’s take a look at some of the features of Oracle Database 11g.

a. Database Replay Tool – This tool helps in capturing production database workload and replays it in a database testing phase to analyze the impacts of change.

b. SQL Performance Analyzer – This analyzer tool foresees the impacts of performance changes to SQL way before they are actually made.

c. Edition-based Redefinition – This feature facilitates the patching and updates of various data objects. During this time, the application remains live or online.

All these features and many more together make Oracle Database 11g a highly efficient database infrastructure that is also extremely resilient and easily manageable.

Those who are using oracle 10g can upgrade it to the 11g version with the help of a few training sessions, if required. Also, Oracle 12c is the latest version that 11g can now be upgraded to.
Do you wish to get trained in these database versions? Enroll yourself in bootcamps and get started today.

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The New Features of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013

The Exchange Server as developed by Microsoft comprises of three elements – calendaring software, a mail server and a contact manager. Operated on the Windows Server, this Exchange Server is a part of the product line of Microsoft Servers.

microsoft exchange server 2013 training

microsoft exchange 2013 training

Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 not only brings new features but also improves considerably upon the existing features found on the Exchange Serve 2010. The highlights of the 2013 Server include the following.

  1. The server roles have been reduced from five to three namely Client Access server, Mailbox server and Edge Transport server.
  2. Users can access OWA offline and enjoy more simplified Outlook 2013 and Outlook Web App user interfaces.
  3. The Exchange Management Console no longer exists. All administrative activities are now carried out on the new web-based Exchange Administration Center and the Exchange Management Shell that employs PowerShell 3.0.
  4. There is better manageability along with improvements in high availability features.
  5. Public folders can be managed and saved in mailbox databases using the benefits of the Database Availability Groups.
  6. Capabilities for data loss prevention have been integrates into Transport Rules.

One can get familiarized with Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 in a few training sessions or can avail many tutorials available online. Microsoft training classes can help understand the new features of this server system in good detail. Classes are also conducted for other courses such as Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 training, etc.

Do you have suggestions that you would like to share with us. Leave your comments below.

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Get Certified in Ethical Hacking

Ethical hackers are professional hackers employed by organizations to penetrate company networks and computer systems to identify potential security threats. An ethical hacker uses the same methods as an unauthorized hacker but with the different purpose of fixing vulnerabilities that are found in the networks. While unauthorized hacking has been criminalized, penetration testing of this kind on the other hand is completely legitimate.

ceh v8 certification

ceh v8 certification

A person can become a professional ethical hacker by obtaining a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification. The CEH course offered by the EC Council proffers an integrated training program pertaining to ethical hacking and network security. This is aimed at meeting the requirements of those who are highly skilled security professionals.

Individuals can attend IT boot camp trainings to achieve hands-on experience in the field of ethical hacking. Here, they will learn to understand different organizational security structures and how to hack these. In short, they will learn to scan, test, hack and secure their systems.

Those who wish to obtain this certification especially version 8 (v8) can either sit for the CEH examination either by attending the training sessions at an Accredited Training Center (ATC) or by doing self-study. Attending training sessions is always a better option as it allows exposure to simulated environments. Also, the instructors bring with them years of industry experience that proves extremely useful for students.

To know about the CEH v8 certification cost, or for any other queries, get in touch with us by adding your comments below. We will get in touch with you.

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Koenig Solutions Announces a Free Webinar on- Wireshark: Diagnostic tool for Network Analysis

Koenig Solutions, the number one offshore IT training company, is scheduling a free of cost interactive workshop on Wireshark. Subject matter expert from the industry will speak on the topic, titled: Wireshark: Diagnostic tool for Network Analysis. Interested candidates can Register Here.

Wireshark is a leading network protocol analyzer. It lets professionals see what’s happening on network at a microscopic level and make them capable of reading/writing many different capture file formats. This free interactive workshop will discuss about Wireshark introduction, Basic of Wireshark, Layered approach of Wireshark, Capturing traffic and analysis traffic, and Some Basic case scenarios. Following topics will be covered:

  • Captures
  • Filters
  • profiles
  • Preferences
  • Dissectors

Date and Time of the event will be- 28thNovember, 2014 9:30 am to 11:30 am GMT (3 pm to 5 pm IST)

Presenter Profile:

This webinar will be conducted by Mr. Sanjeev Kumar, who is a Computer Security & Digital Intelligence Consultant and has been delivering training on a number of technologies, to name a few: CEH, ECSA, MCSA, CCNA, CHFI, and CompTIA Security+.

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Salesforce Gives Businesses New Dimensions…

Salesforce Training

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The Importance of Java SE 6 Certification

The Java Programmer certification offered by Oracle is central to an IT professional’s career as it can significantly maximize the knowledge potential required in spades by organizations worldwide. There are about thirty thousand Java Developers that gain advanced Java training certification annually. They use their expertise, knowledge, skills and recognition – learnt through various Java certifications – to enhance their employability, job prospects, and social status.

Java SE 6 Training

Advance Java SE 6 Training

With approximately three billion infrastructures operating on Java globally, the top most organizations of the world rely on hiring only highly qualified and certified Java Programmers to create and manage critical Java-specific applications. Being the number one developmental platform, there are about ninety seven percent desktops running on it; it is without a doubt the best language for enterprise development; it has created an unprecedented demand for highly trained Java Programmers; and much more.

The Oracle Certified Java SE 6 certification – one of the highly sought after IT infrastructure courses – exam is specially designed for programmers who bring with them a bankable experience of knowing how to use the Java programming language. Getting trained in this certification goes to show that a programmer is fully adept at understanding the basic structures and syntaxes of the language and can independently build technology-based applications that operate on desktops and servers employing Java SE 6.

Hence, preparing for this certification will help individuals gain hands-on experience with different kinds of exercises where real Java code is used which can in turn help hone their capabilities as future developers and programmers.

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Koenig Announces a Seminar on AX 2012 R3 Features

Koenig Solutions, the world’s leading offshore IT Training Company, has announced that it shall be conducting a seminar on the topic “Dynamics AX 2012 R3: What’s new in Financials, Trade, and Logistics” to be held on 14th November, 2014, at the Koenig Centre in Dubai. A Dynamics AX expert with substantial industry experience on its tools and techniques, will be delivering on the subject. All interested participants are hereby requested to attend the same by registering here.

About The Topic:
Ax, or Dynamics AX, is a part of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Product Suite offered by Microsoft. Dynamics AX is primarily an enterprise-oriented business solution which supports both administrative and operational processes for organizations. Dynamics has been globally envisioned with localized solutions for 36 countries. With a keeneye on service, retail, manufacturing and public sector industries, Dynamics AX is one of the premier ERP solutions present in the world today. Its key features include capabilities to handle financial management, reporting, business intelligence, human capital management, and supply chain management.

The latest version of Dynamics AX is AX 2012 R3, and has significant additions and improvements over its predecessors. The major aim of this seminar is to provide the participants with detailed knowledge of the new version of AX, its features, and ways and means to upgrade to this new version from the previous ones.

Major emphasis will be laid on its financial management capabilities, trade, and Logistics.

This seminar is a must for individuals who aim to make it big in the field of Enterprise Resource Planning, whether their specialization focus be on Finances, Retail, Sales, Marketing, or general management. The learnings gained from this seminar shall go a long way towards enabling the attendees guaranteeing a secure career for themselves in the vast arena of ERP.

Speaker Profile:
Mr. ZohaibRais is a Microsoft Certified Trainer having theworld-renowned MCP and MCTS certifications to his name, and possesses upwards of 7 years of training expertise regardingmany Accounting and ERP products of Microsoft Dynamics. He commands expertise inMicrosoft Dynamics AX 2012, 2009, and Microsoft NAV 2013.
Mr. Rais has formerly conducted trainings for various international corporateswhich includeCNetwork TV (UK), NCAER (India), Lucy Switchgear Ltd. (UK / Dubai), and TEK System Ltd. (Canada) among others.

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